A website is a collection of related network web sources, such as web pages, multimedia content with a common domain name and published at least one web server. There are many type of websites on internet for different purpose and for marketing of your business such as informative website, static website etc.


1. Static Website 

    A static website contains web pages with fixed content. There is not possibility to change any content in this kind of website. In today's time there not use of this kind of website. Because of not changing in it so programmer has to rebuild static website.

2. Dynamic Website

    A server  side dynamic web page is  web page whose construction is controlled by an application server processing server side scripts. Content of this type of  website can be  change at any time by admin. This is type of website is very popular at present time and used by large number of people.

   For different purpose there are many of type of dynamic websites popular in these  days for ex.  E-Commerce website is build to sell any type of products through the internet directly to customers. Professional website is used by a person who is profesional in any specific field. 



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