Rightview digitech pvt  Ltd is a leading company in institutions automation fields that is innovative the way Institute,school,students, industries,employees, workers and also services to medical field. 
       RFID automation is on key priority for us and aims at using the same ID card cum rfid card for multiple purposes. 
We also combining RFID with GPS to make best use of two technology. 
Products :- 
1). School bus RFID attendance with boarding de boarding SMS. 
2). GPS with SMS alerts 2 stop before to parents live tracking. 
3). RFID library for school with id card as library card. 
Vision :-  
Providing best solution with our services that help customers living standards. 
Innovate new technology to connect parents with school for saving time of school & parents plus students also. 
           We always attract top talent for creat new idea and innovative products for better life. 
Mission :- 
                Providing best solution for school management.So their 100% focus will be on study. 
Values :-
       1. Customer commitment 
We develop relationships with customers and we do what we say. 
        2. Quality 
Quality of products, services, and work matter for us. 
        3. Integrity 
We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all of our actions. 
         4.Team work 
we work together not only in company but also with our Customer, & partners.
         5. Responsibility 
We always responsible to provide best product and service that's will help solve problems of our customers & entire humanity. 
         6. Innovative 
We try to keep innovates new problem solving problems to make humanity life better.