Q 1 What is minimum cost of your services/products ?

          Services                                                Starting Cost     

    1. Static website                                           7,000/-

    2. Dynamic Website                                    10,000/-

    3. E-Commerce website                              25,000/-

    4. Software                                                  10,000/-

    5. Mobile Application                                   15,000/-

    6. Digital Marketing                                      5,000/-

    7. Company Profile                                      2,000/-

    8. Company Logo                                        1,000/-

    9. Video Presentation                                  1,500/-

  10. Slide Presentation                                   1,000/-

  11. Computer Lab Installation                       7,500/- Per PC

  12. Annual Maintenance Contract                 500/- Per PC 

Q 2 What is use of website ?

     Website can generate business. Promote goodwill among customers and prospects and deliver strong marketing messages weather your business is small, large or in  between, well established or brend new. 

     Website can increase customers, accessibility links, better relationship, increase sales, opportunity, long term clints.

Q 3 Why should i use your service/product ?

         At present customer is  king of market. We provide best solution to customer regarding thier needs. Our company's goal is to give best experience to customer regarding over  services.  

Q 4 What is retention ratio of your customer ?

          A retention ratio shows that how much faithful company to customer. A faithful customer make up fifty percent of company business. Our retention ratio is 90 percentage. 

Q 5 Can i build a bright future in Rightview ?     

     A person weather he/she is younge or old, he/she can build a bright future in  any sector  in  today's time according to his/her ability. 

   At Rightview we believe that every team member is a property of company. So we focus to improve productivity of every team member of  each department.